A meme token for people who love wieners.

Ween Token is the official token of Long Ween Club NFTs. Buy a ween and start earning $WEENS today.


More than just a meme.

We are a community of wiener dog enthusiasts who are passionate and dedicated to these extra long sausage dogs. Join us for fun, memes and a wonderful community filled with fellow dog lovers.

They may be small, but they make up for it in length! It's time for Weens to enter the race to the moon!

The longest doggos on Solana.

They also go really fast.


Buy a Long Ween Club NFT. Make sure to love it, stroke it gently and take it everywhere with you.


Once your ween has burrowed it's way into your heart wallet, make sure to keep it in there to be eligible for your airdrops! 


Each ween NFT you hold earns you a set amount of $WEENS per week. Sit back, relax, and buy your new friend some tasty bacon.


Crazy about wieners and can't get enough $WEENS? Stake your $WEENS to earn even more.
(Coming Soon)

Hold a Long Ween Club NFT & Earn $WEENS

Long Ween Club is a collection of 3,333 wiener dogs birthed from the sausage factory on Solana. Each one is unique and full of silly traits. Check the links below for more info!

Wienernomics (Tokenomics)


Weenmap (Roadmap)

Phase One
3,333 wiener dogs are birthed from the sausage factory on Solana. $WEENS token is created and a portion is airdropped to communities on the Solana ecosystem.

Phase Two
Apply for listings on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. Listing of $WEENS on Dexlab and Raydium.

Phase Three
Start of airdrops to holders of Long Ween Club NFTs on a weekly basis. Launch of strategic marketing campaign.

Phase Four
Launch of staking and farming to earn even more $WEENS. Listing on more exchanges.

Phase Five
Launch of $WEENS utility and burn mechanism in partnership with Long Ween Club.


  • I randomly received some $WEENS in my wallet, why?
    It’s raining sausages! We decided to airdrop a few tokens to other communities in the Solana ecosystem.
  • What is the total supply?
    50,000,000,000 $WEENS.
  • Where can I buy $WEENS?
    Available now on Dexlab and Raydium
  • What is the token mint address?
    Token address: DmXfDUeyRJqnpvdjssGgUXwZrRFPXvu2DfMq4jfTTC9C
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